Digital marketing for businesses in the construction sector in Calgary and area

Are you a construction company or an independent contractor looking to improve or update your website? Are you looking for help with SEO and social media?

As the construction industry becomes more modern and complex, getting more clients has become more challenging. Digital marketing for construction companies might be what your brand needs for a stronger presence in your industry. Esquared Consulting has helped several businesses in the construction sector make themselves visible in the major search engines and in social media.



Your brand is not just your logo. It is a representation of your company’s character. Our branding experts will help you create a consistent, impactful brand using research, creative thinking. Our proven brand development processes will give us the foundations on which to build a powerful brand identity for your construction company.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The cornerstone of your digital marketing campaign for your construction company is great quality and engaging content. Our content authors will research and understand your competition and who your target audience is and craft content that resonates with your visitors and help improve your search engine rankings.

Web development

CMS development

Your company’s first contact with your clients is most often your website. It’s critical that your website conveys professionalism, it’s easy to use, and works well on mobile devices. Our web development team will create a website that will not only look great but also make it easy for your visitors to easily find any information they need.

Social media

Social media

Our social media specialists will develop a social media presence for your construction company. We will only choose those platforms that make the most sense for your business. Everything will start with great content to make sure your target audience is engaged. Social media advertising will also be available for targeted Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media ads to encourage direct traffic for higher conversions.

Google Ads

PPC - Google Ads

Our team will help you target people who are looking for services that are similar to yours. by placing pay-per-click (PPC) search ads on Google (Google Ads). As an additional option, we can also combine those search ads with display ads that will be used for retargeting prior website visitors. The display ads will follow your visitors when they visit different websites to help increase conversion rates and touch points.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and local SEO, is the best way to promote your business and bring organic traffic to your site. When people are looking for a service or company like yours, one of the first things they do is search for it on Google (or on other search engines like Bing). Our SEO specialists will help your website meet the search engines’ best practices and move your website up the search engine rankings.

Why choose Esquared to provide digital marketing services for construction companies in Calgary?

Wondering whether to hire an in-house marketing team, outsource to a traditiona agency or a freelancer, or out-source with us? Your money will always go further with Esquared Consulting. We seek to fill the gap between independent freelancers and corporate agencies, offering high-quality services by an experienced team, at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional agencies.

Here is why we think Esquared Consutling offers the best value for your business:

Construction industry experience

We have specific experience in the construction industry and we understand your lingo. We understand the market you’re operating in and your needs, and the challenges you’re facing. We will work closely with you to put together a digital strategy that will exceed your business needs. 

Low- cost, high-quality services

With our team of experienced professionals your company will get high-quality digital services that would normally cost a lot more elsewhere. We provide results-oriented digital marketing, website development, SEO and social media campaigns designed to exceed our clients’ business objectives.

We are a full-service agency

We are flexible and we can customize our service to fit your needs. You can be completely hands-off if needed, or we can partner with your sales or marketing department and provide as much or as little help as they need. We’ll be there to support you whenever you need our help.

We do what we say we’ll do

We do what we say we’ll do, and this is not an empty promise. We are transparent and honest in our approach and we treat all of our clients with respect. We take our business seriously because we love what we do, and this reflects on the high-quality work we deliver.

Need help with your web development and digital marketing needs?